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Project Description

BKAPF Series Full automatic powder filling machine with powder elevator,auger milk powder filling machine,fully automatic auger screw filler

BKAPF-1 Automatic Single head powder filling machine with glass cover BKAPF-1 Automatic Single head powder filling machine BKAPF-2 Automatic Two heads powder filling machine


This machine is an economic and practical small powder automatic filling machine, It can complete automatically position bottle location, filling and metering, it consists of a screw measuring machine, a chain plate conveyor belt and a pneumatic positioning device, matching to unscramble bottle machine, capping machine, labeling machine, etc of a complete set of filling production line. It’s Suitable for packaging powder, small granules, milk powder, veterinary medicine powder, condiments,spices powder, chili powder,powder type aditive, glucose powder, solid drink, Talcum powder, pesticide, etc


1)All stainless steel structure; Composite transparent material box, easy unpick and wash without tools.

2)Servo motor and servo drive control screw.

3)PLC, touch screen and weighing module control. Formula can store a variety of products to adjust parameters, for later use, store up to 10 formula.

4)Replace screw attachments, can adapt to superfine powder to small particles, and other materials.

5)Equipped with position reasonable height adjustment wheel, convenient to adjust the nose height.

6)Add powder elevator and control it full automatically feeding powder with PLC. Good to use and save labor

Technic Parameters
Filling range 200-2500grams
Filling accuracy ≤ 500g, ≤±1%; >500g, ≤±0.5%
Filling type Auger screw metering
Filling speed 20-50cans/min
Container size Dia:20-200mm
Height 50-300mm
Hopper volume 65L
Voltage 3P AC208 – 415V  50/60Hz
Air pressure 6 kg/cm2  0.05m3/min
Power 1.6KW
Net weight 300KG
Over demession 2000×970×2030mm

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