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Project Description

BKAC-P1600 Fully Automatic paper core cutting machine with feeding in and out,Round paper box piece recutter

BKAC-P1600 Fully auto paper core recutter Paper core cutting Paper core recutter Paper piece core


This auto cutting machine can automatic connect with paper core making machine to auto feeding in the tube into cutting mails then cutting with multi blades on time then auto pushing out.It is widely used for paper tube processing factory.High Efficient and steady working can save many labor cost and improve the paper tube making process in highly intelligent.


  1. The head of the equipment adopts a steel plate frame structure, and the transmission stability is higher.
  2. The equipment body is equipped with a high-pressure gas storage tank, and the gas supply stability of the gas source is good.
  3. The equipment adopts customized speed up cylinder to speed up the working speed.
  4. The voltage is converted by the transformer for circuit control to ensure the accurate operation of the electrical components.
  5. The core system of circuit control is maintenance control PLC and Weir text display control, and the circuit control time can be accurate to 0.1 seconds. It is stable and reliable, and the value adjustment is convenient.
  6. The feeding device is flexible feeding, similar to manual feeding, and the paper tube will not be damaged by bending or oval.
Technic Parameters
Model BKAC-P1600
Fuction Suitable for fine cutting of paper tubes with a length of less than 1600
Range Diameter 20-120mm Wall thickness 1-12mm
Voltage 380V Three-phase four-wire
Main power (2.2)KW
transfer method Belt-gear-chain
Cutting Speed 40,000 pieces, 8 hours (the length of the paper tube is different)
Feeding method Automatic feeding
Loading method Automatic unloading (pneumatic)
Cutting Method Circular knife cutting (automatic)
Counting ways automatic count
Control system PLC
C panel Text Display (Will Technology)
Bottom Roll Adjustment Variable box lift
Electrical brand Chint Electric
Pneumatic brand Airtac
Weight 900kg
Operator 1pcs

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