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Project Description

BKAE-M Paper can edge making machine,inner and outer curved edges of paper tube pressing machine

BKAE-M Paper can edge making machinepakodruk.com

  1. One-hand operation, easy and efficient multiplication, automatic discharge;
  2. rotary design, fast efficiency;
  1. High production capacity and automation, cost saving, suitable for supporting equipment for sealing production line;
  2. The rotation design of the can body during the process of expanding the edge, the quality is better than the domestic similar products;
  3. It is suitable for the inner and outer curved edges of paper tube paper cans, such as tea, food, alcohol, toys, daily chemicals, etc. The bending efficiency is high and the cylinder is smooth and beautiful.
Technic Parameters
MaterialFrame made in SUS304
Edges making head1
Speed20-45pcs per min
Suits Can Height50-200MM
Suits can Diameter450-130MM
Voltage220V,50ZH,Single Phrase
Net Weight200KG

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