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Project Description

BK-250Q Parallel Paper Tube Forming Machine, Factory Price Automatic Parallel Paper Core Tube Making Machine

Parallel Paper Core Tube Making Machine Big Steel Parallel Paper Tube

  1. Directly make paper tubes from roll paper and randomly cut them into finished paper tubes of required length;
  2. The paper head is automatically filled with water, and the paper head does not bounce;
  3. Two-stage automatic scraping of paper, less glue on paper;
  4. The rubber storage hopper and the rubber chute are designed with stainless steel plates, which are acid-resistant and corrosion-resistant;
  5. Small motor power and low energy consumption;
  6. All the actions of the whole machine are designed by numerical control, which realizes fully automatic operation and is easier to operate;
  7. Siemens PLC is adopted, the induction parts adopt Japanese Omron brand, and the electrical components adopt French Schneider brand.
  8. All rotating parts that may be in contact with glue are made of wear-resistant alloy materials;
  9. Has won two national patents;
  10. Realize unattended operation.
Technic Parameters
BK-250Q Pneumatic fully automatic CNC flat roll paper tube machine
Paper Tube Inner Diameter 50-250mm Operatior One worker operate Two sets
Paper Tube Thickness 1.5-10mm Paper Grams/Max Diameter 200-350g/1300mm
Max Paper Core length 800/1060/1200mm Total Power 5.2kw
Speed 6-10times/min Over Demession 2500*1880*1460mm

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