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Project Description

BKSW-6 Semi auto beer old glass brushing machine, Dirty beverage glass bottle washing machine,Two hands glass bottle brush washing machine

BKSW-6 Semi auto brushes washing machine  BKSW-6 dirty bottle washing machine2  Dirty beer glass


It is widely used for a variety of bottle brushing machines, BKSW -6 dirty glass bottle brushing machine adopts advanced waterproof bearings and power, which greatly prolongs the service life of the equipment. The equipment is easy to operate, and workers can go to work without training. It has high efficiency, good scrubbing effect, and can be used online. Use a wide range of bottle types, and only need to replace the brush for different bottle types.

Main feature:

It can be connected to use to scrub various bottle shapes, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Technic Parameters
Machine Name Semi auto dirty bottle brushing washing machine
Model BKSW-6
Stations 3pcs brushing*2sides
Capacity 3000pcs per hour(according to worker fact operating speed)
Bottle size Customized
Conveyor height 850MM
Water consumption 0.5T/H
Weight 130KG about
Application Food beverage: Beer glass,milk glass,beans milk glass,wine glass

Chemical: Tussure Culture recycle glass or tube

Pharamcy: Medicine recycled old injection bottle

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