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Project Description

BKSS-250 Semi auto potato chips tube sealing machine,4tubes Aluminum foil sealing machine, Small Pringles potato chips packaging machine cheap price

BKSS-250 Manual 4tubes paper tube top Aluminum foil sealing machine4 Potato chips


This semi auto potato chips paper tube sealing machine is our new facion model in 2021.It suits for all kinds of plastic box,bowl,cup,paper tubes etc package contrainer.When the container push into the machine,the sealing plate is down to heat sealing by cylinder automatic and auto feedback the waste roll film.It can be customized to add date ribbon coder.Sealing container diameter is 20-250MM.It can seal 1-4cups.the capacity is 800-1200pcs per hour.


This tabletop tray sealing machine is not standard and customized to the different container size which is included square,round,polygon,abnormal shape etc.The machine is made in good grade SUS304.Beautifull and steady,intellect PLC controlling system.Auto color code accurate position,Man-machine operation screen.Simple operation and easy.Widely used in all kinds of material(Aluminum/PP/PET/PS) etc.packaging contrial sealed fully.

Technic Parameters
Model BK-250 Semi auto tube sealing machine
Container diameter 50-250mm
Sealing speed 800-1200pcs per hour
Container numbers One to One,One to Two,One to Four
Voltage 220V,0.5-1KW
Air pressure 4-8kg/CM2
Temperature 0-300℃
Date printer Options item
Material of machine frame body SUS304
Sealing film type Aluminum foil,paper cover,


Controlling sytem PLC
Package case Wooden case
Warranty 1Year

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