BKSS-VN New model semi auto vacuum can seamer with Nitrogen Injecting2019-03-02T07:23:48+00:00

Project Description

BKSS-VN New model semi auto vacuum can seamer with Nitrogen Injecting

Semi auto vacuum can seamer with Nitrogen Injecting Food can peaches


1)Daily chemical:Facial mask bag(shaped bag),Liquid detergent,shampoo,Hair conditioner,Shower wash,Toner,BB cream etc.

2)Pharmaceuticals:Capsule,cough drops,granular drups,Protein powder,powdered pharmaceuticals etc.

3)Foods:Monosodium Glutamate,Beans,Peanut,Candies,Ketchup,Peanut Butter,Chilli Sauce,Milk powder,Chicken Essence Etc.

Special shaped sachets filling sealing machine Applicable Productions:Liquid,Powder,Granule,Cream,Soy Sauce,Pesticide


1.Convenient and simple to place bags into groove.It is equipped with auto-press bag device.

2.It is equipped with imported pressure induction device so that the machine will not seal without filling.

3.Packing bag can be saved accordingly.

Technic Parameters
Packing speed(Bags/Min)35-55bags per min
Main motor power3KW
Packaged Sachet size(MM)W:100-150MM, L:120-220MM
Machine size(MM)1200*1480*1300(L*W*H)
Voltage220V/380V 50-60HZ
Package dosage0.5-100ML
Air consumption0.7M3/min
Applicable MaterialAll kind of heat-sealable laminated pouch

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