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Project Description

BKSLM-110F Table top flat labeling machine

 Tabletop labeling machine for 5L bottle Table top big barrel labeling machine with conveyor


Powerful and can be used for all kinds of plane, arc surface of the workpiece, labeling of the concave plane, can be used for irregular workpiece labeling;

Pieces standard indeed, high stability, PLC + subdivision stepper motor driver to send, send the standard firm; Feeding structure configuration brake function, ensure the belt tension, to ensure that the label detection precision; Bands around correction institutions, prevent label about migration;

Mixer durable and strong, the circuit is separated from gas circuit arrangement, pneumatic cleaning device, to avoid air water enroach on electric equipment, extend equipment life; The machine adopts advanced aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials, the quality is strong;

Easy to adjust, configuration height adjustable function, different height of product labeling, without repeated replacement of fixture;

Beautiful shape, adopt the bottom computer white box, with stainless steel and aluminum, beautiful and easy, upgrade the equipment;

Pieces have two labeling manual/automatic control mode, workers can according to need, choose to use a sensor or stamped on the labeling of control; Set manual, automatic control according to the button, the standard length can be arbitrary regulation;

Technic Parameters

Applicable product size Long 20mm~200mm, wide20mm~150mm

Thick: 0.2mm~120mm

Labeling accuracy 20~45pcs/min
The weight of the 48kg
frequency 50HZ
voltage 220V
power 145W
Device dimension 850*410*720
Air pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa

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