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Project Description

Semi automatic small bottle washing machine with brushes,manual beer washing machine

Semi auto washing machine with brushes

Applicable product Semi auto washing machine.It’s Used to wash beer, milk glass, fruit juice,coco colar ect beverage returnable glass washing machine with brushes.
DescriptionExcept bottle in and out is operated by man, the washing action of brushes is all finished auto. Compare with the manual cleaning, the efficiency will increase 24 times approx.Technic Parameters
Capacity 1500-1800BPH(according to the skill of the man)
Main axle rotate speed 1.4rotoes per min
QTY 24
Regular 0.25-0.75KG glass
Water inlet pipe G1/2
Reducer casing WD-110X model   m=4   20:1
Power 1.5KW
Motor power Y100L-6  940RPM  1.1KW
Over dimession 1130×960×1370MM

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