BKSLF-G Semi auto gear pump Serum vial filling equipment2023-05-25T10:51:36+00:00

Project Description

Semi auto gear pump filling machine,Semi-automatic liquid filling machine,Serum vial filling equipment

semi-auto-gear-pump-filling-machine-with-two-heads bkslf-g-semi-auto-gear-pump-filling-machineSterile serum Vial


This machine use famous brand Frequency conversion speed controller, it is equipped with high precision multi-circle potentiometer and locked-dial plate, which makes rate of flow stability and concise. Filling error less than 1%.it use magnetic gear and stainless pump, which is of high quality and lasting lifespan. Stainless steel case can be used for a long time. Easy operation, convenient clean

Technic Parameters
Filling dosage 10-20000ML
Production capacity 1.44b/m
type liquid
accuracy ±1%
Filling nozzles 1
dimension 510*480*380mm
Degree of automation Semi-automatic
power AC220V 50/60Hz
customization Yes
Applicable product Juice, carboned beverage, spring water, yogurt, oil, cosmetics, oral liquid, sauce, glue, toothpaste, liquid alcohol
Applicable industry Food, daily chemical, pharmacy, etc.

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