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Project Description

BKAST-1 Fully automatic stand up pouch packing machine,premade aluminum foil bag filling and sealing machine

BKAST-1 Fully automatic stand up pouch packing machine BKAST-1 Fully automatic single head standup pouch packing machine1


The automatic standup pouch packing machine is specially applied to the automatic packaging equipment of the prefabricated bag type with higher appearance

To complete a series of actions such as opening, printing, filling, sealing and so on to the packing bag through a single work station

Granules, liquids, sheets, powders.

Widely used in food, medicine, beverage, chemical, agriculture, hardware and so on Industry.Like Laundry detergent pouch,broth Aluminum foil pouch etc.

Premade pouch

Main machine features:

  1. Multiple automatic diagnosis and alarm safety protection functions are provided to ensure personal safety and reduce material loss to the maximum extent.
  2. Can be equipped with remote diagnosis system, and troubleshoot the machine in the shortest time.
  3. Automatic lubrication system can be equipped to extend the machine life and reduce labor costs.
  4. The manufacturing process of the whole machine is strict, and the parts are all used by top international brands.
  5. According to international safety and health standards, each machine has passed many safety, environmental protection, physical property and functional tests.
  6. Beautiful appearance, simple operation, stable performance and low failure rate.
Technic Parameters
Packing speed5-15pcs/Min(According to package film quality and weight to confirm)
Filling precision≤±0.5-1%
Bag size(L)100-400mm (W)100-300mm
Suitable bag typePrefabricated bag, self-supporting bag, four-sided sealing bag, shaped bag,stand up pouch
Max bag width300mm
Filling range50-1000g(according to material gravity)
Film thickness0.06-0.08MM(0.07-0.08 is best)
Package filmBOPP/CPP,PET/AL/PE etc. complex film
Air comsuptions0.8Mpa 0.5m3/min
Machine total power2KW
Voltage220/380V 50HZ
Air compressorLess than 1CM3
Over demession(MM)L1500*W850*H1250

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