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Project Description

BKAFC-1T Table top type fully automatic vials filling sealing machine,small cosmetic oil clear glass crimping machine

Cosmetic oil filling and sealing monblockFilling sealing machine1 2-20ML vials Crimp top clear glass

  1. This equipment can be equipped with filling pumps of different capacities;
  2. Applicable to unstable bottle types such as instrument tubes, reagent bottles, test tubes, glass vials etc.;
  3. This equipment includes two functions: filling and capping;
  4. This equipment has the functions of no bottle no filling, no stopper no pressure, automatic pen taking and so on.

Work flow:

Put tubes into round plate—Auto feeding into disk—Auto filling liquid into vail—auto caps feeding and closing—Feeding out

Scope of application:

  1. Suitable for scientific research institutes, laboratories, universities, pharmaceutical factories, cosmetics, etc.;
  2. It is widely used in precision quantitative filling in medicine, pharmacy, food, chemical, cosmetics like color eyes vials  and other industries;
  3. For precise filling of biological reagents, oral liquids, injections, advanced cosmetics, essences, fungicides and other liquids;
  4. Suitable for precise filling of various acid and alkali corrosive liquids.
Technic Parameters
Model BKAFC-1T
Filling precision ±1%
Filling range 4-10ML customized
Pump material Plunger/ceramics pumps/peristaltic pumps customized
Air consumption 0.5~0.6Mpa
Voltage AC220V 50/60HZ 150W (Customized into 110V)
Speed 25-50pcs/min
Suitabel bottle According to customer samples vails
Over demesion(Rough size) 1230*700*750mm

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