BKSC-2BC Fully Automatic Two ends paper tube curling cutting machine2023-06-17T03:49:41+00:00

Project Description

BKSC-2BC Two ends paper tube curling cutting machine, Paper Cover cutting Machine,Both sides inner edge bending cutting machine

Paper Cover curling cutting machine Two ends paper tube curling machine Kraft paper can

  1. It is mainly used for the inner bending process and the bottom cutting process of the paper can. One machine can realize two ends curling and middle cutting functions at the same time.
  2. Compatible with 360-degree curved edge molding mold perfect hidden paper pipe incision, enhance the mouth hardness, effectively reduce the molding folding rate.
  3. After the curved edge is formed, the automatic feed is cut into the cover and the bottom, and the tungsten steel knife with rubber casing is fine cutting, and the incision can achieve zero wool edge.
  4. CNC control machine, automatic feed entry and exit design operation is very convenient, can also configure the assembly line connection mounting machine can realize unmanned operation, greatly improve the production efficiency.


For the top and bottom paper cover making in one machine of Spiral Kraft paper can specialy.Widely used in paper tube,cardboard cannist making factory processing machine.

Technic Parameters
Machine Model Small Size Middle Size Big Size
Diameter range 19—120 mm 20—220mm 20—300 mm
Height range 50—400mm 50—400mm 50—400mm
Thickness range 0.5—2mm 0.5—2mm 0.5—2mm
Feeding method Automatic Automatic Automatic
Speed 20—26Pcs/Min 14—24Pcs/Min 10—22Pcs/Min
Rated power 8.8  KW 9.8  KW 12  KW
motor speed 0—3000 Rpm 0—3000 Rpm 0—3000Rpm
Motor ratio 9servo+2standard 9Servo+ 2Standard 9Servo +2 Standard
 Machine weight 740  KG 740  KG 740   KG
Dimensions 1.3*1.5*1.9M 1.3*1.5*1.9M 1.3*1.5*1.9M
Power voltage 220 V 220 V 220  V
Air pressure 0.4—0.6 Kpa 0.4—0.6 Kpa 0.4—0.6 Kpa
Control method PLC PLC PLC
operation mode 2Pcs Touch Screen 2Pcs Touch screen 2Pcs Touch screen

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