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Project Description

BKAPF-8C Watercolor paint filling and capping machine,Six-piece plastic box paint filling machine

8colors filling sealing machine 6color box filling sealing 6color box

Operation Processing 

fully automatic color filling sealing machine for 3ml plastic box

  1. Manually put the empty the plastic box into the mold, (there are 6 empty box positions, and the plastic box mold needs to be replaced when the plastic box of different specifications is connected)
  • 2. After the operation of the equipment, the plastic box mold moves forward step by step, and moves to the box feeding and pressing position (pressing the box, feeding the mold and checking the box), the first group of filling positions (three-color quantitative filling), The second filling position, capping position and finished product output position.
  • 3. The equipment reserves two stations, the plastic box cutting and grading position and the surface coding (pad printing) position of the box cover, which can be optionally installed.
  • 4. The filling of each color is measured by an independent piston pump, the hopper is directly connected with the metering pump, and the discharge filling head can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the situation of the plastic box, so that the material can be accurately measured for the box and the product during filling, and it is convenient to disassemble
  • 5. The operating table is moderate, and each hopper is convenient for feeding.
  • 6. The whole machine is made of stainless steel.
Technic Parameters
  • 1. Power single-phase 220V, 500W
  • 2. Air source: 0.1 cubic meter/min, 0.4MPA
  • 3. Filling volume 1–5ML
  • 4. Filling accuracy The error of a single cup is plus or minus 0.05ml, and within 1ml of 6 consecutive cups. (depending on material)
  • 5. Filling speed: 20-42 times per minute (depending on the mastery of the operation)
  • 6. Hopper capacity 3Kg
  • 7. Filling color: Eight colors (1-8 can be freely selected)
  • 8. Dimensions: length 1698mmX width 588mmX height 1260mm
  • 9. Equipment weight 150Kg

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