The cause of the adhesive stickers label bubbling

In the process of using the adhesive trademark, many customers will encounter the bubbling phenomenon, which can be divided into the following:
Glue coating is not average
General stickers trademark can by printing, adhesive layer and the bottom paper of three parts, according to the manufacturing process is divided into the stickers trademark, surface coating materials, adhesives, mold coating (coated silicon layer), the bottom paper, back or back of six parts.
If the defects of the process of glue coating in the process of the production of non-dry gum, the foaming phenomenon can be caused.
To solve this problem, you should choose a good quality label.
2. Insufficient pressure on the pasting machine
The main parts of automatic pasting machine are rollers, buffer wheel, guide roller, drive roller, reel, strip and pressure wheel.
The automatic labeling process is the starting of the driving wheel of the labeling machine after the sensor on the pasting machine issues the labeling signal.
Because the reel label on the assembly for tensioning status, when the bottom paper close to running the pre-tender estimate stripping plate change, stickers trademark because their period of material has the necessary strength, front end are forced out of the bottom paper, the labeling objects located in the bottom of stickers trademarks, under the pressure of the wheel will be out of the bottom paper label average level were applied on the object.
After the label, the sensor under the drum label sends a signal to contain the operation, the driving wheel is still, and the labeling process is finished.
If the pressure wheel of the labelling machine is defective in the pressure setting or structural design, it will produce the blister when the label of the adhesive is labeled.
If you encounter this problem, you need to contact the manufacturer to adjust the machine.
3. Electrostatic effect
For the thin film type material adhesive trademark, static electricity will also make the trademark blister.
Generally speaking, there are two reasons for static electricity: the first is the dry weather, especially in the northern region of China when the use of the adhesive trademark, often during the labelling process static electricity.
The second is the non-adhesive trademark and the trademark and labelling machine relevant parts to carry on the friction and the contact with the static electricity.
Static electricity will cause air bubbles to affect the labelling effect when the automatic labeling of the pilot is attached.
To solve the problem of static electricity can try the following methods: 1. Reasonably control the temperature and humidity of the operating space, the ideal temperature for 20 to 22 ℃, relative humidity is 50%;
2. Use copper wire to discharge.
The cause of labeling
When pasting transparent thin film adhesive trademark, there are always bubbling phenomenon.
Transparent bottle body first is hard glass or can extrude the plastic of deformation, the reason that happens after this kind of product stick the mark is possible have the following several kinds:
Profile 1. The bottle is not clean, smooth, dry bottles should be washed in advance, according to the shape of the bottle, rail surface is still be spherical bottles, when labeling by the conveyor belt fixed clamping, especially the flat plastic bottles;
2. No film materials with appropriate characteristics are selected according to the bottle body material;
The adjustment of the speed of the labelling machine and the improper use of the labeling system shall not be appropriate;
4. The selection of the paper is not appropriate: choose the paper with the best of the smoothness.
5. In addition, there are impurities, plasticizers, and glue on the bottle body to react with chemical reactions.

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