The development of China powder filling machine

When it comes to powder filling machines, it is an important player in the packaging machine industry. In the past decade or so, the demand for powder filling machines has not been too high. However, with the improvement of living standards, there are more and more powders and powders. The demand for powder filling machines has also increased. There is a need to have a market, but now, the increasing new industry has a great demand for powder filling machines. Therefore, in the future development of powder filling machines, it must also be oriented to the real needs of users. Gradually satisfy the user’s individual needs. Powder filling machine produced by BKPACK is a new generation of quantitative filling developed and developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology. The outstanding characteristics of auto powder filling machine are: simple structure, low failure rate, accurate quantitative, wide adaptability, and flexible combination.

BKPACK powder filling machine adopts microcomputer control and hybrid stepping motor drive technology, stable and reliable work, high repeat accuracy and noise floor. Can work in constant or quantitative mode. The material is controlled by the photoelectric switch and is not affected by the environment. The contact part of BKPACK powder filling machine and material is made of high quality, with strong anti-corrosion ability and no pollution. Only need to replace the measuring screw components can achieve different materials, different specifications of the packaging needs, the entire process is less than 10 points. The machine has keyboard setting, automatic quantitative filling, weighing feedback, automatic correction error, over-delivery alarm, material level control, automatic cleaning, overload protection, counting and other functions. Powder filling machine is suitable for the quantitative packaging of powdery materials and small granular materials, such as pesticides, feed, flour, additives, spices powder,protein powder,milk powder and other industries.

Only by taking the lead, winning the odds, and constantly creating new systems, new products and new markets, and the new situation of overwhelming competitors, can companies remain invincible. BKPACK machinery is to achieve continuous innovation, it has been standing in the packaging industry does not fall. BKPACK powder filling machine is relying on BKPACK machinery to shine in this industry.

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