The importance of environmental friendly packaging

In July this year, Germany who known as Europe’s “green” nation,won the European packaging garbage title.

Let’s talk about the importance of environmental friendly packaging today.

For the past few years, although Germany launched a series of actions to reduce the use and product of plastic packaging, but according to recent federation of plastic packaging manufacturing in Germany, the output of plastic packaging in 2020 from the Germany is bigger than last year, expert analysis, the increase of the plastic packaging production is due to the growing demand, it declared the defeat of “reduction of plastic” of Germany.

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It is reported, Germany’s plastic packaging production is expected to rise to 4.5 million tons this year, it is increased by more than 3.9 percent as against last year, and sales of the related products will increase to 15.5 billion Euros, an increase of 5.1 percent. The plastic packaging in great demand is packaging bag, shopping bag, net bag and plastic beverage bottle.
Although the failure of Germany’s “plastic reduction” is a bit of a lament , but according to a recent IRI survey, three-quarters of European shoppers preferred to buy products packaged in environmentally friendly packaging.
The survey polled 3,300 shoppers in seven European countries about their intentions and expectations for the future of retail shopping. It also surveyed the shopping habits of the younger generation.

According to the survey, young people between the ages of 18 and 24 pay less attention to the environment than previous generations of shoppers, with 81 percent of Italian consumers preferring environmentally friendly packaging. In Spain 75% of consumers; Greece and France came third, with 74% of consumers preferring environmentally friendly packaging. Germany, the country that failed to reduce the size of its products, had the lowest preference for environmentally friendly packaging, at 62 percent.

IRI said shoppers’ pursuit of environmentally friendly packaging could prompt brand managers to consider abandoning other materials such as paper or nontoxic chemicals.
Olly Abotorabi, the group’s senior regional director of research, said with a series of news that the impact of plastic waste on Marine life in recent years, consumers increasingly start concentrating on the impact of plastic packaging products on the environment. consumers pay more attention than ever to whether the products they buy are environmentally friendly, and environmental considerations are also taken into account when choosing brands.
More than 250 organizations, including businesses, governments and packaging manufacturers around the world, have signed a commitment by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in partnership with the UN Environment, which aims to curb plastic pollution at source.

Food paper canWith the public’s attention to the environmental protection in recent years, plastic commitments are fast becoming retail or FMCG industry part of the enterprise’s strategic layout, whether consumers regard a brand and a product as their first choice in addition to the size, quality, color and price factors, packaging that it is the unimportant “supporting role” of the goods in the past is gradually become one of the important factors that consumers consider; it is becoming one of the key roles for marketers in brand marketing.
Not just abroad, show the enterprise action in the field of environmental protection, take sustainable packaging mode of circular economy can replace the current disposable packaging concept and practice, which has a big promotion effect for the enterprises in its own brand construction, attention worldwide for environmental protection will also make the product packaging is environmental protection as a future consumer products, which is one of the key to survival in the market competition.

In particular, the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020 was a human disaster caused by the virus. For thousands of years, human have been affected by animal and plant viruses, and there have been many epidemics, both large and small, each of which has caught people by surprise.

especially, the contagious virus is even more difficult to control. The source of these viruses is the human waste, such as plastic waste, hazardous waste, food waste, etc,which causes global warming. Animals can’t survive, and plants can’t breathe as fast as humans can destroy the balance of nature. So many painful lessons have warned human that food, clothing, shelter of green and environmental protection, has no time to delay, protect our nature is the best gift to our future generations.

BKPACK company promises that in the following 10 years, the company will devote to the research and provide environmentally friendly packaging machines of filling and sealing labeling. For example, the plastic bags will be changed to environment-friendly cowhide bags and non-woven bags, and our packaging machines will try their best to meet the requirements that. Instead of plastic bottles filling capping machines, 

carbon boxes or paper tube or paper can making packaging machines will be more popular. we will try our best to meet the needs of most factories, the price should be as civilian as possible, so that more and more environment-friendly products will appear in the global consumer market as soon as possible. Wish our world will be more peaceful and healthy.

Sincerely, BKPACK Team!

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