The principle of labeling machine on package container

 In our lives, we can see that products are labeled with trademarks, dates of production, or some captions.

The increase of these content will be used to the labelling machinery.

Packaging machine labelling machine works by adhesive paper or metal foil label on the specified packaging container.

The labeling machine has been widely used, and it is used in many industries, such as machinery, daily chemicals, products and plastic products.

The goods produced by the label can be seen everywhere in our daily life.

At present, the types and function of the labeling machine is gradually increasing, technology has gradually increased, now in technology has shifted from manual, semi-automatic labeling to high speed labeling, the progress of the labeling machine and technology of China has been widely recognized in the same industry at home and abroad, also began to of our products are exported to all over the world.

Labeling machine tag on the package or product, make the product not only beautiful, at the same time, can realize the tracking and management of products, especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries, such as abnormal startup product recall system can be accurately and timely.

For some of the paper stickers that are not required, you can also add a ribbon marking machine. At the same time, the production date and expiration date of the printed product are on the label.

The development of China’s labeling machine industry can be divided into three stages.

1) from the late 1980s to the first phase of 1994, this stage mainly introduced and imitated the non-functional labelling machines that were eliminated from abroad.

2) the second phase from Year 1995 to Year 2001.

This stage is the promotion stage of China labelling machine production.

3) from Year 2002 to present, it is the third stage.

This stage is the mature stage of China labelling machine technology, which is a major turning point in the history of China labelling machine.

At this stage, China’s labelling machine industry has gradually shaken off all kinds of adverse factors and obstacles, achieved great development and progress, and the future development space is huge.

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