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Paper can making process Introduction

As a supplier of professional packaging machinery for paper cans, we often come into contact with factories that make paper cans, so we are often asked by the same type of customers how to start making paper cans. I have long wanted to write an article about the process and process of paper can production, but I feel always too busy and delay until today.

Don’t look at a small paper can, it is very simple to look at. But in fact, the manufacturers of paper cans are complicated and cumbersome. First of all, the specifications of the paper cans are diverse. At present, we have seen dozens of mold diameters in our paper can customer factory (the main national standard diameter is 65mm, respectively). 73mm, 83mm, 99mm, 126.5mm, 153mm), the height is 20mm-600mm. Because it is a customized product, every batch of goods is done according to the requirements of the guests. What I am going to introduce today is just the easiest easy-to-pull paper can in the production of paper cans.
Production process of easy-to-pull paper cans:
paper separation-tube rolling—paper tube cutting-labels sticker-flaring-sealing-cleaning-packaging

1-Paper sparation

First, the paper cans factory bought a large roll of paper, and the paper cans were rolled up using 3-4 sheets of paper. Because a few sheets of paper are pasted together, the width of the paper to be cut by different diameters is also different. The picture below shows the purchased paper and the cut paper.

Paper sparation

2-Paper tube rolling

In the process of forming the paper tube, a plurality of sheets of the originally cut paper are bonded by means of a coiler to form a paper tube. Different sizes of paper tubes require different widths of paper. Different thickness paper tubes are also divided into different levels of paper. The figure below shows the front of the rolled paper and the paper tube is formed.

paper tube rolling

3-Paper tube cutting

After the coiler rolls the paper into a paper tube, it has a longer length. And our paper cans are generally shorter in length, so you also need to cut the paper tube to the height required by the customer. The picture below shows the paper tube before and after cutting the tube.

Paper tube cutting

4-Paper Labels sticking

After the paper tube is cut, the printed copper paper label needs to be attached to the paper tube. In fact, many manufacturers of paper cans now do not know that they can use automatic labeling machinery. They are still using manual and glue inspection. The speed is very slow and the effect is not good. The picture below shows the paper tube before sticked and after labels sticking.

paper labels sticking

5-Paper can edge flaring

The paper tube is pasted because it needs to be sealed. Therefore, we need to expand the mouth of the paper can to place the cans. If the product is not expanded, the easy-to-open cover can not be placed in the paper tube. Even if it can be inserted into the paper tube, the sealing can be caused by the poor sealing. Cover off the cover. Flared devices can refer to this video:

Paper can edge flaring

6-caps sealing

This is the last process of the easy-to-carry paper can, and it is also a process that requires a relatively high level of the can sealing machine. In this process, the sealing machine is mainly used, and there is an automatic sealing machine. The machine will automatically fall the lids on cans and press the easy-opening cover on the paper tube. If it is a semi-automatic sealing machine, the operator needs to manually put the can lid on the paper tube. If it is not tight or too tight, it will be unqualified. If it is not tight, it will cause the cover to be removed. If it is too tight, the teeth will be unsightly. The picture below shows the front and the end of the cover.

caps sealing

7-Cleaning package
Packed into a plastic bag or inside a carton, this is a program that every product needs to go through, so you don’t need to introduce more.

papar can package

To sum up: the paper can factory is such a package for their customers, the end customer fills the product into the can, and then sealing the bottom cover will be the finished product can be sold. The whole process involves a lot of equipment, and please buy it with a pair of numbers. This article only introduces the production process of the whole paper can.It is only to give a guide for the friends who started the paper can business. Please forgive me I can not taking pictures of the specific manufacturing machinery of our customer’s factory here. In order to protect the privacy of the customer’s factory, we also treat each customer’s service attitude.Wish all of your business explanding fast!

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