The trend of Plastic Package Replaced with Paper package

Plastic pollution has been one of the most serious environmental ploblems in the word, especially in the area of food packaging and take-out catering. For the past few years, with the increase of people’s environmental awareness, the support has grown for the voice of

“replacing plastic with paper”, it may become an inevitable trend in the futuer.

Paper product recyclePaper product recycle

Straws are essential for everyone to drink. In the United States, the average person uses 1.6 straws every day, and the country uses 500 million straws every day, consuming 182.5 billion straws all year. A plastic straw that has been used for one minute will take hundreds of years to degrade in landfill, which is a great pollution to the environment. On June 30th, McDonald’s China Weibo announced that it would phase out straws and use the lid without straws, which will directly reduce the output of plastic garbage by 400 tons each year and relieve the pressure on the environment to some extent.

Plastic reduction is indeed a good thing, but some net friends are worried about that it is inconvenient without straws of drinking and hope to product other environment-friendly straws. In fact, a few years ago, the paper industry began to introduce paper straws and called for replacing plastic with paper. Many catering enterprises began to experiment with paper straws due to concerns about plastic pollution. In September 2018, McDonald began to promote environment- friendly paper straws in 1361 technology stores in Britain and Ireland. Starbucks began to pilot paper straws in Shanghai and Shenzhen in April 2019. KFC and IKEA also phased out plastic straws and replaced them with paper straws.

Speak the whole truth, paper straws solve the problem that plastic straws are difficult to degrade and pollute the environment. At the same time, paper straws are also ridiculed by customers. Paper straws is easy to get soft, paper and drink are glued together while we don’t drink quickly, it really affects the taste; The jelly and pearl in the drink don’t come up and so on. It is true that paper straws are more environment- friendly, but they still need to be strengthened in terms of water resistance and toughness. After solving these problem, it is believed that paper straws will become the first choice of the public in the future.

Not only straws, with Xiamen, Hainan and other cities implementing the “plastic limit order”, various catering enterprises advocate customers to use paper bowls and paper tableware and the plastic bags used for takeout packaging are also changed into recyclable kraft paper bags and reduce the use of plastic, which has a good and positive effect on environmental improvement. except the catering enterprises, other enterprises have also realized the environmental pollution problem and started to “reduce plastic”. For example, in the beauty industry, L’Oreal launched paper tube packaging for cosmetics product, and eye shadow and blush of some brands uses the design of pure paper plates.

In the field of snack food, a lot of plastic bags and plastic box packing is replaced with cartons, paper bags and paper cans, recycle packaging as far as possible to protect our environment and maintaining ecological balance is essential responsibility and obligation for everyone , maintaining world peace of leding the people around the world is the goal we have been pursuing.

In a world, under the lesdership of the national “plastic limit order” and some enterprises with social responsibility, people will more widely use paper products to replace plastic with paper products, and believe that “replacing plastic with paper”will become the choice of more industries and enterprises in the future, leading the new trend.

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