The work flow of cosmetic facial mask project

Usually we meet the beginning business customer,they always ask me how to start their cosmetic facial mask project.They have good cosmetic gel formula,fully natural.But they don’t know how to put this good gel into factory and manufacture to user.


Today,Let’s talk about the work flow of cosmetic facial mask project in normally factory to help you to understand the steps for the production work flow and start the project quickly.

As deal with many cosmetic factory machinery supplier,we will tell our expenrice to the starter.For more details,need to design according to your situation specially.


Firstly,you have confirm your facial mask type.They are many types mask.

From mask material, it can be these types. Eg.:Single nowoven mask, nowoven mask with pearlized film,silk mask, Fruit fiber cloth mask,lace cloth mask etc.

From mask shape,it will be many types too.Eg.:Full mask, top face mask, bottom face mask,Nose,eyes,lips,ears,jaws etc.


Secondly,confirm your sachets type,size and logo design on sachets.

Usually the sachets can be made from two types material: pure aluminum foil or plastic film with aluminizing.The size can be choosen from the range of width:85-180MM,length:100-220mm.

The logo design you should put your company logo and production permit safety Certificate mark on sachets too.


Thirdly, check your mask package container into carton or box.

Usually 5pcs or 10pcs in one carton.

If your product is used for high-end customer,you can consider buy good quanlity package carton with tray or cards beside etc.


Forthly,you have to fold the mask into sachets by manual or by machine.

Most of customer will ask the mask supplier to fold into sachets to save cost in the beginning.

If your capacity is big and want to fold by yourselves,you can check fully automatic facial mask folding machine by three or four folders methods.


Fifthly, you can consider the machine to fill the gel into sachets and seal it with expire date into finished product.

If small capacity like 2000-3000pcs per day,you can consider the semi auto cosmetic gel filling machine and seal by continuous bag sealing machine with manually operation.

If your capacity can reach to 10000pcs per day,you can consider to use the full auto cosmtic facial mask filling packing machine to pack fast.

Two heads facial mask filling sealing machine—-1800-2400pcs per hour

Four heads facial mask filling sealing machine—4200-4800pcs per hour

Six heads facial mask filling sealing machine—7200-7500pcs per hour

For special and irregular mask sachets,you can try irregular mask sachets filling and sealing machine.

Sixthly,You can buy the packing conveyor belt for pack the sachets into carton by manual.

We don’t suggest you use fully autom carton packing machine as the mask sachets is soft,it will bad run for automatic machine.


In the last,hope you can hold your facial mask project smoothly and expland your business fast.

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