Various models Paper tube curling machine

How to choose the best suitable curling machine for your paper tubes?

In Paper tube industrial,There are many types paper tube processing machine like paper core making,paper tube cutting,labeling,curling,sealing,carbon caps gluing etc.Most of new company CEO don’t know how to choose their best suitable machine to finish their order in biggest profit and speed.Today Let me to talk about the paper tube curling machine and its carbon caps gluing machine.

Paper tube curling is necessary for paper tube/can package manufactures. But there are many models in factly. It is not easy to explain shortly. So I list all models curling machines in two points here. I explain the advantage and disadvantage to help to choose better.

Firstly, from curling shape,There are two choices.

One is self-circul curling edge.It can curl the thickness to 2MM paper tube edge well. And the curling mould is cheap too.The other is Full circul curling shape. We call it 360degree curling as it can roll the edge inside fully. It looks more beatifully than self-circul curling edge. But it cost more expensive in curling moulds.

180degree paper tube curling machine
180degree curled paper tube inner edge
360degree curling (2)
360degree curling paper tube inner edge
360degree curling paper tube inner edge

This is 360degree curling machine in 6stations:

And we also have automatic fully automatic 360degree curling machine with conveyor which can put the paper tube feeding in and out.

Secondly,From capacity,There are fully auto and semi auto curling machine to choose.

Semi auto 6 models:

BKSC-1 Single station curling machine

Features: suits the big diameter paper tube which more than 150MM usually.Widely used in new paper tubes manufacture.They need to make the sample tubes for their customer in different diameter many time every month.

This machine only change the top and base mould easy and fast for different diameter paper tubes.

BKSC-6 6station curling machine

Features: Suitable for different diameter paper tubes in the range of Diameter 20-150MM Height 40-350MM.

Even more than 10types.Most of these paper tube manufactures are supplying the paper tube for 2-3years and they are already Medium-sized factory and have some orders in hand.

This machine can change different moulds for different diameter and thickness paper tubes also.But it has 6stations.So the moulds cost for each size will be more but the capacity is 20-30pcs per min too.

paper tube inner edge curling machines

BKSC-6F 6station curling machine with feeding out system


suitable for 1-3types different paper tube which already have steady capacity order every month.It will put the paper tube into mould by hand but automatic feeding can save labor and improve capacity too.But it don’t suggest to change too much size to use in one machine as the feeding out part is not so easy to change and adjust.

Above three machines also can be customized into paper tube outer edge curling for food can like pringle chips.

outer edge paper tube curling

BKGC-6 6stations gluing and curling 2 in 1 machine


This machine can combine gluing and curling 2functions in 1 machine.It can save one labor worker.And The capacity can be 30pcs per min too.It is the ideal equipment for big size factory.

BKG Manual gluing machine


Suitable for all paper tube manufacture in any development steps.

It can adjust the different size to glue.

Dia:25-150MM  Height:20-400MM

After gluing the PVA water glue then put the carbon caps inside.

Fully auto 2 models:

BKSC-8A fully automatic curling machine with conveyer vertical type


The capacity will be 30-50pcs per min.Only need to put the paper tube on the conveyor,then it will automatic curling in rotary disk and auto feeding out from conveyor steady also.

It suits for big size factory.And it can change 1-3types different size moulds for different tubes to use in one machine too.Very valuable choice for steady order production finishing.

BKSC-TH Fully automatic two sides curling machine horizotal type


This curling machine is horizontal type working style.

It can curl the both sides tubes edge in same time and fully automatic feeding the paper tube too.

Widely used in chocolate beans,coffee beans etc. kids candy paper tube inside edge making.

The speed can be 30-50pcs too.It is the good choice for two sides curled paper tubes.

chocolate beans paper tubes

Above introduction is only some special features for different models curling machine.And we just show the sample case which we made for customer before.Eg: Walk the horse light paper cans, moon cake gift box, tea gift packaging can, powder paper cans, 粉, kraft paper food, tea gift box, casual food, potato chips, nuts and rushing powder, potato, nuts and Food and gift markets such as floating powder;And cosmetic paper cans, eyeliner paper cans, mouth red paper cans, perfume paper cans, full paper cylindrical bronzed perfume paper cans, cosmetic powder brush pack, creative lipstick, color paper can, kraft paper gift cylinder, flower tea cartridge , Books and painting reels packaging cylinders, word painting collection universal storage cartridges, paintings, calendars, paper tanks, etc.

If you still can’t find suitable model curling machine for your paper tube,pls tell us your situation,we will give best solutions customized specially for you.

Thanks for your reading time.

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