Various perfume packing machine solutions

How to fill perfume in different glass?Here is your answers!!

Nowdays,there is more and more perfume brand in the world.Like Chanel, Achovin, Estee Lauder, Dior, LANCOME, Versace, GUCCI, Hermes,Bvlgari, Giorgio Armani etc.famous brand.And also some other perfume brand.

But all of this brand perfume,they have same features.

there are too many size of perfume shape.Round,square,flat,special conoid etc.

And it must be filled by the normally perfume filling machine,but there is so many models filling machine to choose.And some machine supplier suggest they use one type bottle to use one machine specially for auto perfume filling machine.

Is that really only choice to use different machine for different size perfume?

The answer is no.

We develop the auto perfume filing machine which no need to change machines only some little bottle moulds.It operate easy and high capacity and save cost too.

If your perfume bottles can be in same mould diameters like this.

perfume bottle with mould

You can only buy the moulds only and no need to adjust the machine when change perfume glass to fill.

Share this video here for you which is sent to dubai perfume big factory.

They use this type machine for their perfume bottles morn than 10types size.Very good for their perfume project cost controlling.

But if you you want the monoblock machine with filling and capping action,maybe you can use the other filling capping 2 in 1 machine.

Here is the video of working operation.

It can adjust the mould according to different bottles size.This is also the good idea for middle project which want to fill and cap in one machine.The capacity can be 1500-3000pcs per hour.

If you are the beginner for perfume or other foam can refer this semi auto vacuum filing machine with four heads.

Or Semi auto perfume capper or manual perfume capper.


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