Virus sampling tube packaging machine

—Supporting Covid-19 Nucleic acid testing

Nucleic Acid testing is going on all days in China. As long as an example of a positive Covid-19 virus illness in a region. The entire city need to do a nucleic acid detection. And strive to do an example of missing, the maximum range of prohibition 0 infection. Then Nucleic acid product is requested to supply everyday in a big quanity. The pharmacy company are focus on nucleic acid product production all the time. Bkpack as one package equipment supplier of these companys. We think that it is the time we introduce the full production to the world now. Can’t image Covid-19 virus is always exsiting for so long time. Defect so many countries from 2019. I think this is the human-virus fighting war.If we work together. Then we must win!

Let’s talk about the virus sampling tube which is consist of nucleic acid testing box.

The doctor have to get our Saliva from the month then put into one long tubes to keep firstly. Afterwords,this tube will be delieveryed to testing center. It will need the virus sampling tube in the testing processing at same time.

Virus sampling tubes testing

In China market, there are many shapes of this virus sampling tube to use.

But all of them are small and long tube for easy testing. And they usually ask the fast delievery time in 3-7days. They have to supply the nucleic acid testing box to hospital every day. So our engineer depart develop one tabeltop type auto filling and sealing machine for theirs. They can get the machine in 2-3days after give their sample tubes to us. If for different caps,it can auto seal in same machine too after small adjustable.

It can finish the package processing like 0.1-2ML small dosage filling, different screw caps capping,auto feeding out etc.

If for different size tubes, you can change the white base mould fast.

Then install into the machine in short time. This processing will never more than half an hour.

Duing to so good reasons, it is popular welcome for many pharmacy company. Some of them bought 10-15sets in one production depart. As they know they can use the machines in the future all the time, even this Covid-19 virus gone. They Just only change the white moulds in 100USD cost. Never worry about the filling dosage as it can be adjustable too.

Tabletop type fully automatic vials filling and capping machine
Small vials auto filling capping machine

One pharmacy package company from USA, they bought 40sets machines from us. And we only take 7days finish and delievery to them. They are satisfy with our machines and service all the time.

We are gratefull of their supporting. Also we really feel this machine is right choice for most tubes packaging company specially in medical industrial.

In the other side,we match the tube tabletop labeling machine. Small dosage filling machine by Ceramic pump which is all meet to GMP request.

Virus sampling tubes
2ML drawer tube

If you want to check the working video for this fully auto table top filling capping machine,pls click this link:

There are some xilin vials with flip off caps also. This type machine can chagne the capping head into crimpping head. And it can add the auto turntable plate for bottle feeding fast too. The speed can be 30pcs per min. NO problem. Like drawer tube, Reagent tube, they can use in the machine easy also. Just customized the mould ford different diameter.

Various shape vials tubes

And we also have fully auto floor up big filling capping machine:

We also have other filling packing machines for Covid-19 coronavirus. They widely used in factory from 2019.

And we are really thanksfull for your checking. Hope Covid-19 coronavirus can go fast. Green evironment really need us to work together to protect it. Let’s get more better and better.

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